New options are emerging every day for minimizing our impact on the environment.  With the barrage of information about "green" alternatives to everyday issues it's hard to know where to start.  We need people we know and trust who can give us knowledgeable advice about making positive changes.  3 Options Realty has established a trusted business relationship with the following local business.  We invite you to enjoy their services.*

Ecological Consultation.   If you are looking for advice on landscape architecture, community planning, ecological restoration, water resource engineering, or ecological engineering, you can get all your questions answered by contacting David Yocca at the Conservation Design Forum.

Greenhouse Pest Management Pest and Bug Management. Do you want an exterminator that will not spread toxic chemicals about your house? Try Greenhouse Pest Management for a bug and rodent free, non-toxic experience. Pete Laquaglia at:

Making it Green at Home. What can you do in your very own home to enhance its sustainability and maximize natural resources? Find out how to close the gap between the consumer and green at Southeast Green. Ask for Sandra Cummins. 

One World Sustainable Energize Your Home.  If you are looking to energize your home with solar power, Michelle Conlon with One World Sustainable has the answers.  Here you will find solutions for both solar thermal and solar electric.  Heat your home and your water by the sun, not the power company.  Save money and the earth at the same time!

Rain Catchers Rain Water Harvesting. Every drop of water that falls is precious.  Why drive it away like a bad act sending it down the storm drain as contamination rather then savoring it as the precious recource that it is. Rodney Reese with Rain Catchers has the solution.

Painting Your Home. Want to paint your home but not contend with those infamous toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) found in most paint products? Village Hardware is one local vendor carrying the Mythic Paint line.
Call Jason Marcano 404-627-5757 x200 or reach him at Email

Xziex Water, 99.9% Pure. Never worry about a drought again with a system that pulls your drinking water right out of the air. It's like a dehumidifier, but then it purifies the water it collects. To find out more about this process, call Diane Eldridge 336-667-5999 at Xziex, The Future of Water.

Evaluate Your Home's Energy Consumption: The place to go for information about how to evaluate your home's energy efficiency. Here you will also find professional advice and even credits and discounts for new construction or retrofitting your home with more energy efficient systems.

Deals and Steals on Energy Efficient Appliances and Home Systems:  To encourage customers to buy energy efficient products, ENERGYSTAR partners occasionally sponsor special offers, such as sales tax exemptions or credits, or rebates on qualified products. Go here to find such special offers or rebates where they exist, based on information that partners submit to ENERGYSTAR.

Buyer Advocates: Consumer Reports® provides information on greener products and services. Check out these values: Go to Consumer Reports' Greener Choices website for more information on appliances, household energy, and other topics of interest.

Come See a Green Home: If you want to see, touch, and feel a homesite that features the latest concepts in "Green" construction, the Southface Resource Center in Atlanta is a great place to visit. For more information about Southface.

For Shoppers, Renovators, and Installers. If you are in the market for green products and seeking advice on how to buy, or if you are assessing how your systems are installed or being installed, you will find a wealth of valuable information on the EcoBroker information pages.

Do it Yourself Water Assessment  Is your house as water-efficient as it can be? This do-it-yourself household water use assessment will help you understand how much water you use, identify leaks and show you ways to reduce your water use. It will help you conserve water and save money at the same time!

The Roswell Recycling Center located at 11570 Maxwell Road, Alpharetta, GA 30009 is open 7 days a week.  It accepts over 42 items for recycling including electronics, appliances, cell phones and tires. Some fees do apply.  
For more information please contact the center.770.442.8822

Keep Roswell Beautiful is a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to educate, motivate and empower the citizens and businesses of Roswell in the beautification, conservation and preservation of our environment.  Keep Roswell Beautiful sponsors many events including Bring One for the Chipper, Rivers Alive, Great American Cleanup, Bulky Trash Amnesty Days, Shred Fests and much more.  We also own the Earth Balloon, a 22' diameter vinyl balloon of the earth that serves as a classroom for up to 25 kids inside of it.  For more information on volunteer opportunities, programs or the Earth Balloon. 

Go Green at Home! For Kids & Adults Article for Kids and Adults about Green considerations for the home.

* 3 Options Realty does not warrant or guarantee the services or products of any of these companies.

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