Q. What is the Most Important Aspect of Property Management?

Property management encompasses different aspects. Among the most common services property management companies offer for tenants and owners, four aspects are considered the most critical. These include vendor oversight and service providers, financial management, communication with owners and residents, and access to the latest technology.

Q. How Much Do Property Management Companies Charge in Atlanta?

There are many property management companies in Atlanta charging varying rates. However, most companies either charge a flat monthly rate or take a percentage of the rent paid. If you hire a property management company on a monthly rate basis, the terms and amount will be agreed upon by both parties. If a company takes a percentage of the rent, it usually ranges between 8% and 15%.

Q. Do Property Management Companies Find Tenants?

Finding tenants by yourself can be overwhelming as a real estate owner, especially if you have multiple properties. You may save time and resources, compromising the bottom line. As a reputable property management company in Atlanta, we have the knowledge, skill set, and resources to find tenants. Our marketing expertise ensures we reach the right audience o occupy empty properties.

Q. What Should I Look for When Choosing a Property Manager in Atlanta?

Finding a professional property manager in Atlanta can take your investment to the next level. Property management is a complex undertaking involving handling tenant communications, legal matters, and taking measures to protect the property. With that in mind, property managers must be excellent communicators, efficient and organized, focused on continual education, and have in-depth local market knowledge. These essential traits can help you find a trustworthy service provider guaranteed to grow your venture.

Q. What Services Do Atlanta Rental Property Management Companies Provide?

As mentioned, a good property manager is not an expense, but an investment. Hiring a professional can save you a lot of money and time by taking all the duties off owning real estate. The responsibilities of a property management company range from tenant screening and maintenance to rent collection and evictions. We take management further by providing marketing services and introducing you to a network of renters, property managers, and other professionals.

Q. At What Point Should I Consider Getting a Professional Property Manager in Atlanta?

Many landlords have managed their properties for so long that they don’t know when to let go. Common signs it is time to find a property manager in Atlanta are; you live far from the property, tenant screening is a problem, frequent disputes with tenants, and lack of time, among others. If you notice any of these signs, call a property manager as soon as possible. Even if you must pay for the services, the long-term benefits are undeniable.

Q. How Do I Find the Best Property Management Company in Atlanta?

Whether you are a long-term rental property owner or new to the business, hiring the right property management company in Atlanta can be quite the investment. With all the firms claiming to be the best, finding a professional can be challenging. Although there’s some work you can do upfront, finding a reputable partner saves you a lot of money, time, and stress. When looking for a property management company, the factors to consider include a positive reputation, recommendations, successful clients, and a strong brand presence. While the list is long, these factors can help you narrow the list.

Q. Is Hiring a Property Management Company in Atlanta Worth It?

A professional property management firm offers various services, surpassing a landlord’s ability to act alone. These services are geared towards generating passive income and making the ownership process less stressful. If you are still deciding whether to hire a property management company in Atlanta, it comes down to whether you have the money and time. We have regulatory expertise and professional knowledge to ensure your real estate investment is a success.

Q. Do you advertise, evict and go to court for the owner?

“Depending upon the county, we are able to do all of this.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

Q. In what geographical areas are you comfortable managing property?

“We operate all across the Atlanta metropolitan area.  We have offices in Roswell and Ellijay but our agents work from home and manage property in the areas where they live.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

Q. What benefit will I realize from working with you?

 “Your properties will be well managed and you will be well informed.  We will listen to you—learn about your expectations and then seek to deliver on them.  You will be able to relax knowing that your investment is being professionally managed.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

“There are many, but mostly you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is being well managed.  You can go on with your life and leave the heavy lifting to us.”   Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal

Q. Does your company have extensive experience in property management?

 “Yes, I formed this company in 2008 but I started in professional property management back in 1997.  I am also an investor with a personal inventory of homes.  So I know what it feels like to be a landlord.  You may also find it interesting that I do not self-manage anymore, although I am absolutely capable of doing so.  Rather, I have hired my own agents handle my portfolio.  This allows me to work on my business and not be burdened by the day-to-day issues that are inherent in the rental business.  I do a lot of training for my agents.  In fact, I require them to take 21 hours of classroom instruction from me before I even allow them to perform property management services for our company.”   Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal

Q. How can you help me avoid the hassles of self-management?

 “We are a full-service property management company.  You can be as involved as you choose in daily operations.  Our objective is to pair each landlord client with one agent that will serve as both your leasing agent and property manager.  You would have this sole person to talk to about your goals and expectations with your investments.  Our experience shows us that our clients love this concept.” Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal 

Q. Can you help me in preparing for my income tax filing, as regards my investment property?

“Yes, we will provide you an IRS Form 1099 along with an annual statement detailing all revenues and expenses for the year.  The IRS loves it when investors use a professional property manager because they feel comfortable that there is less likely to be fraud or tax evasion.”  Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal

Q. Can you help me with terminating a lease on a noncompliant tenant?

 “Sometimes this is necessary.  When necessary, we are comfortable in the courtroom because we've been there many times over the years and we are thoroughly familiar with the landlord tenant laws.  Our proprietary lease has also been tried and tested for years.”  Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal

Q. Can you help me with maintaining my property?

“Yes, we have dozens of established relationships with local vendors.  All are required to have workman's compensation and general liability insurance.  Many of our vendors charge special discounted rates because we are able to offer them some economy of scale.  We also have a maintenance company that does handyman work that 3 Options Realty owns.  Any work done by this outfit is at least 10% below market rates.  We are aware that maintenance is a big profit center for many property management companies, but we prefer to let it be a marginal for profit operation that gives our landlord clients great service at better than market prices.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal


“I'm happy to answer this question, but I want you to know that the true cost of investing in real estate is poor management.  Turnover and bad tenants are the result of poor management.  These conditions will destroy your cash flows and any minor savings you might glean from a discounter will be more than exceeded.  That said, only to tell you that we are NOT a discount broker.  We charge a fair price and deliver on our promises.  We charge 8% per month for management.  We only collect this when the property is occupied and when the tenant is paying rent.  We charge one month's rent as a marketing/leasing fee.  By the way, we are averaging under ten days on market right now.  We also charge an annual renewal fee equal to 1/2 of one month's rent.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

Q. Will your services help me protect my investment?

 “Yes, because we know the laws.  We also put our company name on the lease as the landlord.  Disputes are directed at the property management company not the owner, in most cases.  If you’re in the process of shopping for a property manager, ask them who is named on their lease as landlord.  Are they willing to stand up and protect you?  You need to know because many property management companies do not.  We also have solid policies and a battle tested lease.  We have never lost a legal battle yet.”  Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal

Q. How can you help me make more money with my investment property?

 “A well managed property will return a better investment for the owner.  We will put in well qualified tenants and manage that relationship to ensure that they are happy and want to stay for years, hopefully. Tenant turnover is the biggest cost to owning an investment property.  We will also help you achieve the highest rents that the market will allow.”  Terri Clair, Managing Broker and Principal

“Owning an investment property can be costly if a landlord is inexperienced.  Using my own experience as an example, I began investing back in 1997.  I thought I was ready for it then, but I was not.  I got lucky though and made it through, but only because I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the profession.  I remain an investor today and I have learned how to maximize my investments.  The same systems I developed and learned to use for my own personal assets we use for our landlord clients.”  Dan Wilhelm, Executive Broker and Principal