8 Methods to Increase Repeat Bookings
8 Methods to Increase Repeat Bookings

Mar 21,2023

8 Methods to Increase Repeat Bookings

The primary goal of owning property is to grow your return on investment. An effective way of achieving this is through repeat bookings. At 3 Options Realty, we believe in providing guests an unforgettable experience, so they are comfortable returning. When you exceed expectations the first time, the chances of guests returning increase. Working with a professional property management company can help you increase repeat bookings by eliminating challenges property owners experience. Here are tips to help you grow your venture.

Make Guests Feel Welcomed

Once your guests arrive, ensure they feel welcomed. Please have someone on the premises greet them or provide a complementary basket full of self-care items or goodies. You should also include a list of local recommendations for where they can go for entertainment or grab something to eat. Hire a property management company to enhance the overall quality of your premises, guaranteeing a unique experience that brings renters back to your establishment.

Connect with Guests During Their Stay

While privacy is essential, please don’t go silent when guests are on the property. Although you don’t want to bombard them with outreach, check in on them and inquire if they need anything to improve their stay. This shows that you genuinely care about their experience, allowing you to correct any issue compromising the quality of life on the premises.

Provide Great Amenities

Take it up a notch when choosing amenities for your rental property. As mentioned, comfort is essential to increase repeat bookings. Choose quality furniture, provide clean towels and sheets, and access to streaming options. While the list is not limited to these options, we can help you find many ways to stand out.

Offer Extras

Whether it’s a basket of eggs and local produce in the fridge or items, your guests may need, such as shampoo and conditioner, extras enhance the guest experience. Many property owners usually focus on the condition of the building and forget about the overall well-being of the renters. There are many ways to provide your guests with extras or consult a professional for suggestions.

Be Available

Renters should be able to reach someone for help. Nothing is more frustrating than reaching out when there’s a problem, but nobody is around to answer your call. We recommend hiring property managers if you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time to address issues. We provide effective communication channels and respond within a moment’s notice to rectify the problem.

Clean the Property

Guests are more likely to appreciate a spotless rental. Cleaners should go the extra mile to ensure the premises look fresh when they arrive. This means handling everything from top to bottom so the renters feel safe and comfortable. You can consult our property management company for recommendations on a reputable cleaning service. Leverage our connections with local businesses to get the best deals on cleaning, maintenance, and installations, among other services.

Offer Flexibility

Another vital tip to help you increase repeat bookings is to maintain flexibility. This can be expressed in several ways, from your cancellation policy to check-out time. The aim is to make guests feel comfortable booking again. Most property owners don’t offer refunds which are not ideal if you want return bookings. The best solution is offering a cancellation policy that guarantees a partial refund by a specific date.

Keep in Touch

After guests leave, send a thank you to show your appreciation. You can also request them to leave a review of your property, which is a great way to grow your client pool. Reviews also help narrow your preferred guests so that you are more intentional when reaching out for bookings.

If you want to increase your investment income through repeat bookings, contact us at 3 Options Realty. Please schedule a consultation with our expert property managers to learn ways of growing your rental property business.

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