Rent Disbursement

Rental Proceed Disbursement

Early Disbursements of Rental Proceeds

Standard Rental Proceeds Disbursement Policy. It is the standard policy of 3 Options Realty to disburse monthly rental proceeds to property owners between the 15th and the 18th of the month, conditioned upon the property manager’s receipt of such funds from tenant(s). This policy is driven by the necessity under the law for the property manager to fund all shortages in the rental trust account caused by compulsory debits due to deposits of non-sufficient funds (NSF) for which a deficit balance is created on the property owner’s ledger.

Exception to Policy: If the property owner desires to receive the rental proceeds between the 6th and 8th day of each month, management will accommodate for a small monthly fee of $20 per disbursement, per property.

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