Options for Tenants

Why do tenants prefer living in properties managed by 3 Options Realty?

Because they will deal with only one person in the company.  The same agent they meet during the showing phase is the same agent they will continue working with during the leasing phase, and even on move-out.  This system alleviates a lot of stress caused from misunderstandings about services promised and services rendered.  Our agents see the tenant as potential future business, and are therefore inclined to serve well.  

We offer three basic plans:

  1. Lease: Rights to occupy only.
    Perfect for prospects that are looking for temporary lodging for less than 5 years, and are not interested in buying a home at this time. If the tenant likes living in the property, it is always possible to make an offer to purchase, saving the cost and inconvenience of moving.
  2. Lease-Purchase: Commitment to purchase.  Prescribed terms and conditions.
    The right idea for anyone that wants to buy but, for whatever reason, is unable to make such a commitment at the time of move-in. Nevertheless, they want to own the property and are willing to make a commitment to purchase at a later date at terms and conditions establish at the time of move-in. Click here for more information.
  3. Lease with Option: Secure the right to purchase.
    This is the option for prospects who are unable to make a firm commitment on purchase at the time of move-in, but are fairly certain that they will someday want to purchase the home.  This program secures for the tenants a first right of refusal so that the owner must grant them an opportunity to purchase the property before accepting offers from others.

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