Property Management in Roswell, GA
Roswell, GA
Property Management in Roswell, GA

Property Management in Roswell, GA 

Hiring a Roswell property management company can save you significant time and money. If you do not have the time or energy to manage your rental property or the tenant, then consider hiring a property management company. 3 Options Realty is thrilled to bring its premier property management services to Roswell and surrounding areas. We can help with finding a tenant, processing the contract termination, and everything between. Call 3 Options Realty now to consult with a representative and pair up with one of our property managers in Roswell today.

Our Agents

Brenna Blocker

Brenna Blocker - Phone: 770-356-0916 Email:

Garrett Reynolds

I have been a rental property owner in the Atlanta area since 1993; I enjoy searching for properties, I enjoy touring and inspecting them and…

Shane Cargile

Looking to buy, sell or lease? No worries I can help with them all! Maybe you are not sure which is best for your situation.…

Karen DeGasperis

I specialize in helping my clients get the most value when buying a home and helping them put the most cash in their pocket when…

Stay in Compliance

There are many local, state, and federal laws and regulations that govern the tenant and landlord relationship. To make matters worse, these laws regularly change. Breaking these laws can expose you to costly legal trials. You do not have to worry about reading dense legal documents though. The agents at 3 Options Realty coordinate with attorneys and legal professionals to make sure that we are in compliance with the many rules, regulations, and laws.

Let Us Help You Find a Tenant

Finding someone to occupy your property is easy. Finding a reliable tenant and renting your property at a fair, market value is more challenging. At 3 Options Realty, we are not restricted to property management in Roswell. We also manage tenants and help find tenants to fill vacancies.
We employ advanced market research to determine the best rent price and will help you prepare your property for photos, videos, and showings. Then, we will post the listing on our broad network of affiliate websites and listings.
Our skilled agents will show your property to prospective tenants, using a universal lockbox to maximize showing opportunities. Potential tenants will be interviewed and must pass an extensive background screening. Then, we will begin rental agreement negotiations using proprietary, attorney-reviewed forms. The tenant will be ready to move in after the move-in inventory and inspection are conducted.

Property Managers in Roswell, GA

We Will Keep in Touch

We place a lot of importance on tenant acquisition and customer relations with our tenants, making sure to weed out bad prospects, nip relational issues in the bud, and develop healthy communication with tenants. We service tenant needs in coordination with you when appropriate and per agreement. We will let you know of any maintenance or utility services, and coordinate major services, repairs, and replacements in consultation with you. You will receive a financial report every month and a financial summary annually. We will also file Form 1099-MISC with the IRS so that you can file your taxes responsibly.

Our Pricing

Property management in Roswell should not be rife with surprise charges. At 3 Options Realty, we provide simple pricing. We charge 8 percent of gross monthly rental proceeds as a management fee, but you will NEVER pay a management fee when your property is vacant, or the tenant fails to pay. The web results for “property managers near me” might not give you such a guarantee. Call 3 Options Realty to consult with a representative and learn more about our pricing today.

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