9 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent
9 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

May 04,2022

9 Tips for Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

If you are considering entering the market of leasing property, 3 Options Realty can help you make your venture more profitable. Before you can reap the benefits of being a landlord, you need to ensure that your units are in tiptop condition for tenants. When it comes to improving the condition of your rentals, you need to focus on functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the appeal to prospective tenants and ensuring compliance with local regulations. Our property management team recommends several tips to ensure your property is rent-ready.

Mind Curb Appeal

The first thing prospective tenants see when they approach your property is the curb, and maintaining a beautiful façade and yard is key to bringing them in to check the interior. Failure to maintain the exterior can undermine your work on the interior. Whether you have multi-family property or a single-family residence, 3 Options Realty can ensure your yard looks healthy.


Suppose your rental space has a lot of paraphernalia that is not used as tools and hoarding furniture; you should consider getting rid of it. Tenants enjoy minimalist rooms, especially those moving in with their stuff. We recommend prioritizing safety by clearing obstacles from walkways and doors, giving prospective tenants a clear view of the property.

Inspect the Property

Several techniques are employed in home inspections, but hiring a property management company can ensure that inspection is done with the utmost professionalism. A standard method used by most property management companies is "walk the wall." It involves starting from the right or left wall at the front door and following that wall until you end at the final point. This method is more comprehensive and allows one to check the condition of appliances and fittings.

Prepare a List

An inspection aims to note areas that need repairs, replacements, or upgrades, and this is done as you walk around your home. You can use a pen and paper, camera, or phone to make it easier when referring back or buying materials with the contractor. A property management expert can help ease the process by ensuring everything is handled to revamp your rental property into the ideal space.

Consider Hiring a Professional

Unless you have sufficient construction experience to make the necessary repairs, turning repairs into a DIY project is not advisable. 3 Options Realty has a team of experienced technicians who are well-equipped and qualified to get the job done quickly and comply with local code.

Replacement Not Repair

Appliances in your property need to be in optimal condition for better living standards. If there are appliances like dishwashers and HVAC systems that are more than fifteen years old, it might be time you consider replacing them. A property management expert can help you pick out state-of-the-art appliances that make your property more appealing.

Change Locks

Safety is something tenants value most when moving into a rental home. Changing the locks in your rental property ensures the next tenant's safety and makes them appreciate living in your property. Property management companies usually liaise with reputable local contractors changed.


Once all the repairs, replacements, and decluttering are done, it is time to make the interior and exterior clean and presentable. A cleaning crew can quickly get all the dust and clutter out of your living space without compromising quality. If you don't know a cleaning crew you can trust, a property management expert can recommend one that meets your cleaning needs.

Check for the Presence of Mold

Cleaning can leave wet spots that take time to dry, creating the ideal condition for mold growth. A final inspection is crucial to mitigate mold growth before it becomes severe. At 3 Options Realty, we prioritize the safety of your tenants and your investment by ensuring your rental spaces are in tiptop condition and free from disease-causing mold. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with property management experts for guaranteed return on investment.

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