5 Reasons Your Home Will Sell

Selling is simple, but it can be done well or not so well. There are 5 reasons a home sells—any one of which might derail a happy outcome if not properly addressed. 

  1. Location: If it’s a good one that’s great! If it’s not, you need a great agent that knows how to mitigate the downside for your benefit and promote the upside.
  2. Price: There are usually three prices for a home: 1. What the seller wants. 2. What the property is marketed to sell for (list price). 3. What the home will actually sell for (selling price). You need to know the difference and how to get to the right price. We can help with that!
  3. Terms: Once you have determined the price, you have to further decide on other terms of sale. In other words, under what condition is the sale price you are seeking acceptable to you? For example: closing date, responsibility for costs to close, other contingencies or considerations? We can help with this.
  4. Property Condition: What kind of shape is your property in? Is it ready to go or are there things that need to be done to prepare for showing? Our agents are experts when it comes to advising you on the best way to prepare the home for showing. We possibly can save you a lot of money by advising you on what really does and does not need to be done.
  5. Agent you select: At least in our mind, the agent you select is the most important choice you will make in the process. You need an agent that you can communicate with. You need someone that knows how and has the resources to market your home. Please let us share with you the 3 Options Realty difference. 

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