The 7 Most Common Tenant Complaints
The 7 Most Common Tenant Complaints

Mar 30,2022

The 7 Most Common Tenant Complaints

As a rental property owner, leasing to the ideal tenants goes a long way to ensure a return on investment (ROI). The reality is that most tenants will rarely complain and will remain content until their lease expires. However, some tenants will regularly complain, which can be time-consuming to keep up with the different reasons they complain.

3 Options Realty is a property management company that can help you avoid confrontations with tenants by ensuring the various needs of your tenants are assessed and addressed appropriately. Here are some common tenant complaints that property management companies can help with.

Rent is Too High

With rent prices rising all over the country, landlords have received numerous complaints. Even in areas with reasonable rent rates, it is still one of the highest expenses for most people. This is one of the reasons why tenants complain, significantly if you have recently hiked up the rent for your space. Property management experts can help renegotiate with the tenants on your behalf, ensuring that both parties find a compromise without compromising the bottom line: turning a profit.

There’s an Infestation

Evidence of unwanted creatures in any living space is an unwelcome sight for tenants and a common reason for complaints. Whether you are dealing with mice or bedbugs, tenants see this as a significant health hazard and demand an investigation to address the issue. 3 Options Realty can visit the property to check for evidence before hiring professional extermination services.

The House Needs Repair

If you have tenants who have lived in your rentals for a long time, they are bound to encounter a repair or maintenance issue that needs to be addressed. Landlords must treat this like a notification rather than a complaint since it improves the quality of your property. DIY or inexperienced repairs can cost more, so onboarding a property manager can help determine if it is worth addressing or investigating.

There’s Too Much Noise

A noisy environment is not ideal for a home, especially after a long day at work and you need sleep. As a property owner, you have little control over the matter, and the last thing you want is to force a tenant out. Property management companies can mediate with the noisy tenant on your behalf, ensuring you maintain a conducive and noise-free environment.

Violation of Privacy

Everyone has the right to privacy in their homes, and any sign that this is being violated can result in complaints. A slight misunderstanding like entering their home for repairs without their consent can become a huge issue. That’s why it’s advisable to work with a property management company to ensure the privacy of your tenants is not violated.

Breaching the Lease Agreement

Tenants complain if they suspect that the lease agreement is violated, which can happen without your knowledge. Landlords with a busy schedule barely have the time to address tenants’ complaints, leave alone tend to maintenance and repairs. This can be avoided by onboarding a property management company to help manage your property and guarantee tenant satisfaction.

Withholding the Security Deposit

While there are many reasons to withhold the security deposit, you need to ensure it is irrefutable. We can help you ensure that the decision to withhold a tenant’s security deposit is well-founded, avoiding legal complications. Contact us today at 3 Options Realty, and learn more about providing tenants with quality services and helping you get a return on investment.

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