Karen DeGasperis
Karen DeGasperis
Karen DeGasperis

Agent Details

Name: Karen
Last name: DeGasperis
Phone: 858-324-4045

I specialize in helping my clients get the most value when buying a home and helping them put the most cash in their pocket when they sell.

About Karen

  • REALTOR since 2008
  • Licensed in California and Georgia
  • Current Leadership and Committee Membership Roles:
  • Board of Directors
  • Government Affairs Committee
  • RPAC Committee
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • President, Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs
  • Services:  Real estate sales, leasing and property management

My Leadership in Real Estate and the Community

I was elected by my fellow REALTORS to the Board of Directors at the San Diego Association of REALTORS which serves over 13,000 members and is one of the largest in the country. I was appointed to Vice-Chair of the Housing Opportunity Committee in 2019.  I serve on the Government Affairs and RPAC committees to stand up for home ownership opportunities and to protect private property rights. I have also recently been promoted to the Professional Standards Committee to uphold the code of ethics and standards for REALTORS. I am also President of the Organization of Networking Entrepreneurs networking group.

How I Work For You

Buying and selling your home can be an exciting and scary adventure.  I am knowledgeable, analytical, and a compassionate leader,  I share my knowledge and expertise so you can feel confident in your decisions when buying or selling your home.  Your home is your #1 investment and it's important to have a guide that you can trust along the way.

Whether you are selling your home, buying a bigger or smaller home, moving closer to family or closer to work, you are making a move towards creating a lifestyle you love.  As your agent, my goal is to help you navigate through the process so you can experience the joy of your next adventure.

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