Why Ecobroker?

Dan Wilhelm, the 3 Options Realty executive manager, is a certified EcoBroker®.  He also holds the GREEN professional designation from the National Association of REALTORS®.  That means he has distinguished himself above traditional brokers by his concern for our environment and has proven his commitment to the encouragement of conservation and healthy-living features in homes and buildings. 

EcoBrokers® recognize and know how to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable practices in the real estate industry.  Whether you are a home seller, home buyer, landlord, or tenant, it would serve your best interest to work with a brokerage that is aware of sustainable-living systems in homes, and can guide you through the process so that you maximize this technology.

What you should know about how the green industry affects you:

In a national survey, roughly nine in ten people (91%) said energy-efficient features in a new home are extremely or very important.

National statistics indicate that home values increase by about $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills.

94% of 300 American surveyed cited their most sought-after green upgrade as energy savings.

With the help of energy-efficient technologies, Americans saved over $8 billion on their energy bills while preventing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the emissions of 18 million vehicles

By 2008, home builders had constructed over 360,000 Energy Star® qualified new homes, nearing 10% market penetration of annual new homes built nationwide.  New home innovation and pricing have traditionally set market trends in the re-sale market.

What is the direct benefit to you for working with an EcoBroker®?

Save money (Enjoy a greater sustainblity performance for your home, and capture the tax savings and tax rebate benefits)

Live comfortably (clean air, quiet living, healthy water and efficient use of it, and efficient environmental controls) 

Distinguish green homes from the competition

Attract more buyers for sellers, and tenants for landlords

Find available green homes for buyers and renters

Help buyers and tenants recognize and appreciate the green features of a home

Join you in respecting our environment