Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Why Choose 3 Options Realty

Let us detail why you should choose us over another alternative for your property management. We think this is the most important question you have to answer about possibly the largest investment of your life. We've chosen our top eight reasons below.

Why should you hire 3 Options Realty to help you with Property Management?

  1. Sole Point of Contact:

    Our firm is a medium to large volume firm, but our organizational structure lends itself to a style of customer service found usually only in the smaller, mom and pop sized companies. Our landlord clients enjoy the benefits of a well resourced professional property manager while also enjoying the personal touch. How do we do it?

    At 3 Options Realty each landlord client is paired with a property manager that will handle everything from marketing the property for lease to moving the tenant out after the lease terminates, and everything in between. For example, your property manager will be the one that meets with you to talk about our programs and services, shows your property to prospective tenants, process applications, does the move-in and move-out, collects rents, sends late letters, coordinates maintenance, negotiates renewals, and even oversees evictions if necessary. If you have questions about these processes or any others, you simply contact your property manager—a person you will know personally.

    Most of our competition uses a departmental system wherein most of the processes just mentioned would be handled by different people—oftentimes people that you will never meet personally. They don’t know you and you don’t know them.  This causes confusion and confusion breeds discontent.
  2. Eviction Protection Program:

    For a very small monthly fee ($15.00) landlords that opt in for this special program will be protected financially if their tenants get evicted. We cover the costs of court filing, labor for the set out, and door lock key change.  But the greatest benefit is that we waive the marketing fee to replace that tenant. This is a highly popular program.
  3. Property Management Guarantee:

    If you are ever unhappy with our services, all we ask you to do is tell us in writing and then give us 30 days to prove to you that we heard you and have made amends. If you are not totally satisfied, then we will agree to terminate our management agreement with you with no early termination penalties, and we will refund any fees collected from you during the probationary 30 day period.
  4. No Fee Due During Vacancy:

    Many property management companies will charge you a management fee during vacancy. We don’t believe that is fair.  We think we should only get paid if we are delivering a valuable service.
  5. No Surcharge for Maintenance Services:

    Many management companies have in-house maintenance companies that they use exclusively, or at least try to, and they up-charge on the invoices and pass that profit onto the management company. We do not up-charge on our invoices and we even have an in-house handyman that bills at 10% below market. We believe landlords clients expect that we have connections and can get work done less expensively than they could. That’s usually true.
  6. Early Rent Disbursement Option:

    We ordinarily disburse rent proceeds to landlord clients between the 15th and 18th day of each month. As an exception to policy, for $20 per transaction, client landlords can receive expedited disbursements between the 6th and 8th day of each month.
  7. Certified Residential Management Company  (CRMC®):

    3 Options Realty was awarded the prestigious CRMC® award at the NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) National Convention in San Diego in October 2013. This vaunted accomplishment sets the company far apart from the vast majority of its contemporaries, as there were only 3 other companies in all of Georgia holding this distinction. There were only 48 recipients nationwide that could boast this honor, in a professional trade organization with over 4,000 members.
  8. Rent Guarantee:

    We can guaranty that landlords receive rent even when the tenant does not pay. There are a variety of different options at varying costs to address differing risk tolerances. Please contact our office for more details.

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